POP UPS from Montreal, Quebec, Canada


If you are looking for an alternative to your typical bachelorette or birthday party,

Alice Kass can provide you with a unique and enjoyable experience.

With over ten pop-up shops organized over the course of the last year,

Alice Kass is able to recreate the feel of their public pop-ups in the privacy of your home.

With their flair for visual merchandising, they can accommodate your group's needs

and assist you in creating a memorable and one-of-a-kind event.

How does it work?

Alice Kass will make a selection of lingerie 

to suit your needs and taste and create a private shopping experience

in the location and space of your choice.

This type of evening perfectly complements a pre-party cocktail or it can be the main event.

Several packages are available and the team can help out with everything

from the menu creation and the catering, to the music and photography and of course, the decor. 

Whether you are looking for healthy gourmet tapas and wine to go along with

your lingerie session or you're into a more rustic vibe with local

cheese/charcuterie platters 

and a whiskey tasting, Alice Kass boasts a large network

 which allows them to assist you according to your preferences.

You can be certain to receive tasteful, authentic and knowledgeable suggestions

combined with the modern aesthetic Alice Kass has come to be known for. 

Feel free to reach out to info@alicekass.com and drop us a note with your information

and we'll get back to you via e-mail or telephone within 48 hours.

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