Undergarments for the modern woman: confident, authentic and a little rebellious. Alice Kass is not simply a curated online retailer but also a cornerstone of modern style, representing an updated vision of femininity. A lifestyle brand centered around female empowerment.
Lingerie instantly boosts your confidence; just the knowledge of wearing it even if no one else sees it. It is one of the most powerful reminders of our womanhood. I can still remember the first time I slipped into a lingerie set. I felt empowered and lit up by my beauty and femininity. I felt more confident and self-assured. I saw myself differently, I saw myself as a woman. That is the feeling I want other women to experience. That is the feeling I want to share.
-Excerpt from self-love article:
'Man, I Feel Like a Woman: Connecting to your femininity through self-love and lingerie'

Although lingerie is the closest thing to a woman’s body and she wears it every single day, it has long been a product marketed for male consumption. But in recent years there’s been a shift; a new era of lingerie has emerged. Not solely functional or to seduce but as a way for women to celebrate their bodies and femininity and inspire self-love.

Alice Kass, a Montreal based online retailer of curated designer lingerie made by women for women, was launched in the Fall of 2014 by Sabrina Cassis. She created Alice Kass in order to provide the modern, independent woman with stylish yet comfortable lingerie that makes her feel confident, sexy and empowered inspiring her to connect to her femininity and sensuality every single day.

About Alice Kass
Since its launch in Fall 2014, Alice Kass founder Sabrina Cassis has organically built an engaged community of modern, independent women that have come to expect a wide array of carefully curated lingerie, with a dose of girl power. Alice Kass features fashion-forward styles that showcase a woman’s personality and put her needs and desires at the forefront. From sexy cut-out bras by Bluebella (UK), to delicate high-waisted briefs by Lonely (New Zealand) and versatile black lace bodysuits by Bully Boy (Toronto), Alice Kass is presenting alternative options for the modern woman. No padding, no push-ups, Alice Kass selects pieces that accentuate a woman’s natural shape and offer equal parts comfort and style. Whether bold and provocative or romantic and sensual, these comfortable yet sexy pieces beg to be worn more than once, as much in the bedroom as out on the town.

About the founder
Entrepreneur Sabrina Cassis is an experienced buyer in luxury womenswear who previously worked at SSENSE, Canada’s largest online luxury retailer, after graduating in business at JMSB and fashion merchandising at UQAM. She is known for her distinct sense of style and keen eye for stand out pieces as well as her passionate, authentic and thought-provoking articles and interviews that inspire and empower today’s woman.

Through the A​lice Kass Instagram​ and S​elf-Love Project​ Sabrina engages in dialogue with today’s independent woman, embodying the Alice Kass values and candidly sharing her vision and passion for lingerie, self-love and female empowerment. Her mission is to inspire women to connect to their femininity by letting go of the shame surrounding their bodies and sexuality, in order to be the most confident, magnetic, authentic versions of themselves.

Welcome to Alice Kass, where lingerie is an everyday luxury.

Alice Kass, lingerie as an everyday luxury.

Alice Kass est une boutique en ligne audacieuse et montréalaise qui propose une alternative aux boutiques commerciales de lingerie et aux boutiques spécialisées de luxe. Alice Kass veut rejoindre la femme moderne et indépendante qui recherche d’abord et avant tout à se faire plaisir. Son but ultime est de faire en sorte que la femme se sente belle et bien, en dedans comme en dehors. Les modèles proposés misent sur le style, le confort, la qualité et la versatilité tout en demeurant abordables.  Alice Kass offre une sélection de marques et designers internationaux tels que Bluebella (Angleterre) et Lonely Lingerie (Nouvelle Zélande) ainsi que canadiens comme White Label (Montréal) et Bully Boy (Toronto).

La lingerie a longtemps été commercialisée pour la consommation masculine mais c'est la chose la plus proche du corps d'une femme et elle en porte tous les jours. Ainsi, la mission d'Alice Kass est de fournir aux femmes un luxe de tous les jours; une lingerie à la fois tendance et confortable qui leur donne un sentiment de confiance, et qui ramène l'attention à ses besoins et désirs.