The Self Love Project

For International Women's Day, we were inspired by all the strong and powerful women that came before us and fought for women everywhere. We were inspired by you, our empowered girl gang, a diverse group of women that came to us looking for something a little different from the rest of the lingerie world. As strong, independent and free women, we have the responsibility to do our part and promote equal rights for women. To spark a discussion around feminism and bring about the change we want to see.

To #BeBoldForChange, Alice Kass wants to promote the idea of something as 'radical' as a woman loving herself. Female sexuality is often stigmatized, a taboo topic rarely touched upon in mainstream media. Women have been taught to be embarrassed, insecure, demure. 

Women are multi-faceted. We can be smart AND sexual, one does not trump the other. Our sexuality, our bodies, our clothes do not lessen our worth, our ability to think or be taken seriously. If we want to be completely covered up, or in the nude, or somewhere in between, that's our choice. And not living in fear of violence and judgment because of it is our right. 

Alice Kass embraces the independent woman that wears lingerie to please herself first and foremost. The Self Love Project is encouraging all women to love and take care of their bodies through fitness and self-love. Bringing female sexuality to the forefront and presenting women as they are, strong and self-sufficient.

It's time to do something provocative, something we were taught from a young age to never do... to LOVE OURSELVES. We cannot become the women we need to be in order to affect change in the world if we do not love ourselves first.

Provoking change starts with self-love. 

The Self-Love Project
Starring Alex Dunn
Video by Leslie New-Money Woods
Sound by Andrew Funk Ward
ingerie by White Label

Special thanks to Alex Dunn, Lindsay Woods, Leslie Woods, Elke Schorer, Andrew Ward, Sandrine Cassis and Sophie Benhamron for your input, insight and brainstorming sessions <3

And to Element Studio for allowing us to use their gorgeous space 

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