BEDROOM SESSIONS: Getting Intimate with Sam

Here is our second feature for Sticks and Stones Agency in collaboration with photographer Nastia Cloutier. This time around exotic beauty Sam Jin (she's Chinese and Jewish!) captivates us in a mix of casual Sunday lingerie including exclusive styles for Alice Kass by Montreal designer Kayleigh Peddie

l'agent by agent provocateur canada photoshoot

Q & A with Sam 
AK: What is your star sign?
SJ: I am a Scorpio, who are said to be intense, passionate and don't like to lose, which is pretty accurate.

AK: What scares you most?
SJ: Dying, or spiders. I really really hate spiders.

AK: Who is your celebrity crush?
SJ: Shia Labeouf circa 2005-2012 and most recently Henry Cavill.

AK: Do you have a secret talent?
SJ: I know the words to every rap song and can deliver them flawlessly.

AK: What is your spirit animal?
SJ: I really relate to wild cats, especially panthers or leopards.

AK: What really pisses you off?
SJ: People who are homophobic/racist/sexist etc. Anyone who has hatred for a group of people.

AK: What would your last meal be?
SJ: French fries with vinegar and ketchup. Yum!!!

AK: What is the most inspiring book you ever read?
SJ: Perks of Being a Wallflower.

AK: Favourite hang out in Montreal?
SJ: I'm a big foodie so you'll find me hanging at my favorite restaurants. Some of my favorite places are Lawrence for breakfast, Café Gentile for lunch and Milos or Ryu for dinner.

AK: Describe yourself in three words
SJ: Outgoing, loyal and unique.

AK: What is your favourite editorial on Alice Kass and why?
SJ: I really couldn't pick my favorite editorial but my top two are Gods and Monsters featuring Gabrielle Cosentino and Sunday Morning featuring Arielle. Both are dark and edgy and starring my Montreal girl crushes.

Photographer //  Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev @nastia.jpg
Model // Samantha Jin @samanthajin
MUA // Anissa Zabala @anissazabala

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