METAMORPHOSIS from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A visual story by Leslie Woods and Alice Kass

The twirl of a flower, reminding us of the days we picked the petals off of daisies, wistfully romanticising, he loves me he loves me not… Will I ever be good enough? A hint of self-doubt fills the air, but only for a single breath.

Metamorphosis is the story of female transformation. A behind-the-scenes look at the first ever Alice Kass fashion show that quickly becomes so much more. The women harness the butterflies fluttering inside to emerge confident and fearless butterflies themselves.

R&B darling Naadei wraps the song in her smokey delivery, complementing the downtempo interpolation of Not Nice by OVO sensation Partynextdoor. The lyrics are juxtaposed against the visuals of these women in lingerie and combat boots, transforming the song into a ballad of triumph and solidarity, hinting at the complexity and duality of women. A messy, raw, real beauty born from confidence and experience.

Metamorphosis explores the bittersweet ritual women practice daily and the transformation that takes place. Powerful women overcoming their fears and doubts to unapologetically express their sensuality and strength. The denouement; a celebration of each other and one’s self highlighting the importance of sisterhood and self-love, the core values of Alice Kass.

Director: Leslie Woods
Cindy Lieu, Paola Morin, Julie Kee, Alice Clement, Isabelle Savoie
Makeup and hair: Morgan Leigh
Styling: Sabrina Cassis
Location: Mayfair Cocktail Bar