INTERVIEW: The Empress Festival by Holistic Fashionista

This was my first live interview ever. I was in Tulum, after having experienced an emotionally tumultuous week in an idyllic setting. As per usual, travel ignites some turbulence inside me. What needs healing always bubbles to the surface before I can truly embrace and enjoy and be in the moment. I always say, the storm before the calm! Business astrologer Angel Quintana of Holistic Fashionista caught me at the tail end of my trip, when my faith in myself and my choices had been restored, when I was feeling connected and present. Not to say I wasn't hella nervous to be interviewed live by a woman I looked up to, a badass entrepreneur whose business I so admired! I was shit scared.

She reached out to me on Instagram a couple months prior and asked if I would be part of her Empress Festival, an online gabfest where she interviews entrepreneurs from different industries so they can share some business wisdom with her loyal and large online community of lightworkers. This opportunity came a month after I set my New Year's intention of using my voice more. You see, I didn't used to do Instagram stories where I spoke or shared my thoughts. I've never felt comfortable expressing myself although deep down inside I knew this was part of my mission. I grew up with the motto only speak when spoken to. Always feeling like I was bothering people, so I would just wait around for them to show interest or for them to offer me things. I could be on the verge of fainting and would barely muster up the courage to ask for a glass of water. I always felt like I was imposing. 

For me to put aside my imposter syndrome and say fuck it, I'm doing this this year even though it terrifies the hell out of me was huge. I find that the more often I step outside my comfort zone, the more I learn and grow and the more I feel connected to myself. Big leaps and baby steps lead to huge shifts. Those things like Instagram stories and panel discussions and live interviews don't scare me (as much) anymore. I now use my voice daily. I'm launching my podcast this summer. In a year, I've completely transformed solely because of a choice I made. Because of my intention to claim my space and show up for myself and as myself in this world. 

After rewatching this interview from Spring 2018, my heart is full. It reminds me of a time I was scared but open to taking chances. It reminds me of the beginning of my spiritual journey. It shows me that my core message has always been the same and will always remain. It was so worth making that decision and having this conversation. I'll be forever grateful to Angel Quintana for just trusting her gut about me and giving me this chance to express myself in a way I had never done before.

In the interview, we talk how I got started with Alice Kass, personal vs business instagrams, alter egos, selfies as a means for empowerment, divine guidance, business strategy for soulpreneurs and so much more. Check out the interview below :)

The Empress Festival - Spring 2018 - Sabrina Cassis of Alice Kass from Sabrina Cassis on Vimeo.


"Your 12th house is the thing that will make you the most popular but it's also the thing you suck at. You have to do it because it lights your soul on fire." - Angel Quintana

My 12th house is in Gemini which is all about communication :) How perfect!!!

If you're curious about Angel's unique combination of astrology and business, definitely check out her amazing website and insta @holisticfashionista <3