Eat Your Heart Out

It’s an exciting time to be a woman. The self-love movement is one of making self-honoring choices, speaking out, taking our place, being unapologetically ourselves. It’s not shying away from expressing our truth and demanding to be treated with respect.

International Women’s Day, a day to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women. One year ago today we released the first in a series of articles and actions that gave birth to the “Self-love Project”. Our first video brought attention to female expression, sexuality and overall wellbeing. Our project aims to encourage women to feel confident in their bodies and to celebrate themselves. We still have ways to go but change starts with loving ourselves.

Last year, we talked female masturbation and fitness, the double standards associated with female sexuality and pleasure. In the same spirit, this year we talk about food and taking pleasure in what we put in our bodies. If men think about sex every seven seconds, I can bet you women think of food just as much if not more. In all seriousness, a woman’s relationship to food is one of extreme passion. From preparing food for herself and loved ones, to dinner dates and nights out with the girls, dieting, clean eating, or instagramming the latest food trends, food is a means of expression and often an obsession.

Although we undeniably love food and need it to survive, it’s also a source of anxiety, shame and guilt for a lot of women. For fear of gaining weight, we criticize our choices, the quantity of food we eat, many of us starving ourselves to compensate and then binge eating out of stress. And even if not in our actions, the internal dialogue surrounding food and dieting is exhausting and constant, often steeped in negative self-talk. Many of us love food but feel guilty indulging. We hold ourselves to impossible standards of perfection and end up feeling bad rather than enjoying the moment. We trap ourselves in a cycle of fear, restriction, indulgence, guilt and anxiety.

When writing one of our most popular self-love articles, You’re Not What You Eat, I fell upon a study that showed that how much you enjoy what you eat has a significant impact on how many nutrients are absorbed. What a revelation!! Actually taking pleasure in your food is also good for you.

We need to stop judging ourselves and each other, we need to listen to our bodies and nourish it with love and nutrients.The most important thing is to have a healthy relationship to food and ourselves. From there we can grow and share our beauty, talents and gifts with the world. 

Women have so much more to do and accomplish other than worry about being “perfect”. Enjoy your food, love yourself and take on the world!! We need you, we all need each other. It starts with self-love.

Happy International Women's Day