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BED TALKS: Real talk for conscious babes

The Bed Talks podcast couldn’t come at a better time. Last week, feminine expression was censored when Instagram decided to take down the @alicekasslingerie Instagram account. I took 24 hours of silence when I found out. That was self-care for me. Allowing myself to feel all the things that I was feeling. The sadness, the shame, the violation, the disgust. I was silenced, without reason, explanation, warning and I had no access to the community I built and to the work that I had put out into the world for the last 5 years.

I learnt so much from this experience. I saw how relevant and important my mission of feminine expression and sexual empowerment is as misogyny and the patriarchy and are still alive and thriving. I learnt that all of you power babes (womxn and men) really, really give a shit and stand behind my message and you stand behind me. I used to be afraid of taking up space and being seen, I’m sometimes still afraid of expressing my sensuality just for the sake of it but you reminded me that just by being ourselves, we bring light to others and inspire them to be their most authentic selves too. And that’s fucking powerful.

Bed Talks started as a Sunday night Instagram story segment where I opened up about obstacles in my life wearing nothing but lingerie, basically the most vulnerable a woman can get. I shared on everything from the traps of perfectionism to the shame surrounding female pleasure to my struggles with anxiety and alcohol and any and all the overwhelm that modern women deal with on the daily.

It served as a way for me to heal my wounds around my femininity and connected me to the women in this community in ways I could have never dreamed of. The amount of messages, thank you notes, and love I received was overwhelming. You could relate. You were tired of the bullshit image of perfection social media and society was putting forward. You were craving more depth and authenticity. There are ups and downs in life. We learn from the struggles. There is no shame in any of it.

Based on all the messages you sent thanking me for opening up about taboo topics, it was clear that Bed Talks had to get bigger, deeper and more widely accessible.

My friend Meg (a power woman in her own right) and I had these types of conversations all the time so we decided to co-host the Bed Talks podcast. We wanted it to be intimate, inspiring, raw and real without shying away from our shadow sides, from the struggles, from the parts that we normally shun because they aren’t typically desirable or acceptable traits in a woman. Fuck that. Self-love and empowerment comes from loving yourself wholly, embracing all sides.

So Bed Talks was born. A podcast where we would share our self-love stories, without sugar coating anything, but always shining light on the silver linings and the lessons learnt. I believe every obstacle is an opportunity for growth, and there is so much to learn from other's struggles and lessons, that are often similar to our own. 

As we learnt with the whole Instagram debacle, our voices matter. Our stories are important.

Join us every other Monday night for some real talk and get inspired to embrace all sides of you, stand in your feminine power and be unapologetically you. We're in this together.



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Special thanks to Leslie and Justin at WRG for the continued love and support and for making this podcast possible

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