Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)

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By Ines Heals

The Sun’s entrance into the sign of Scorpio initiates the true transition from late summer into fall and coincides with a period of darkening days, colder nights and the transformation of our environment from a lush green into a yellowing cascade of quieted life. It is no surprise that Halloween and Día des los Muertos, both traditions pointing to an increased contact with ancestral spirits and the creatures of the underworld, occurs during the Sun’s passage through the mysterious sign of Scorpio.

As a Mars-ruled sign of the zodiac, Scorpio does not shy away from her sexual expression and the depth of her creative force. Alluring cuts, dark colours and enticing detailing compliment the intense and bubbling landscape of the Scorpio woman’s energy. However, she is not one to share these mysteries with just any person who comes her way. Selective and all-seeing with her natural understanding of human psychology, you’re a lucky candidate to be invited to swim in her deep and passionately charged waters.

 If you are a Scorpio, understand that you have been given a difficult but powerful task as the Fixed Water sign of the zodiac. You embody the journey of transformation through the mastery of your emotional landscape. Stay true to yourself by embracing the potency of your deep feeling nature. It is your destiny to become the mythical phoenix who can rebirth at will, so keep that in mind in the face of emotional difficulties and what feels like the continual shedding of old and outworn ways of being.

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