WHAT'S YOUR SIGN: Sagittarius BBs from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sagittarius (November 23 and December 21)

Words by Ines Heals
The Sun’s entrance into the sign of Sagittarius follows the period of release and transition that naturally coincides with fall and early winter, as well as Scorpio season. Ideally, we move into this period having released the emotional and behavioural patterns that no longer serve our growth and the expression of our ideal self, having been rebirthed new and more powerful versions of ourselves alongside Scorpio’s intense energies. This liberation allows us to move more freely towards the direction of our life goals and our final mission of self-realization, over which the archer that is the symbol of Sagittarius casts her aim and applied focus.

As a Jupiter-ruled sign, Sagittarius is connected to the processes of growth and expansion, and can tend towards over-indulgence and excess. Being a sign that is naturally intrigued by exotic cultures and faraway places, the Sagittarius woman’s tastes may seek a more colourful palette, with fewer qualms about the showiness of her ideal piece. Long-distance travel, good eats and exciting social events are what keeps Sagittarius on her toes, but she is definitely not a superficial gal, because she’s also intrigued by the meaning behind life’s events and actively seeks philosophical knowledge in order to better understand her experiences.

 If you are a Sagittarius, it is important that you learn the value of balance in life! While your on-the-move energy and endless optimism inspire so much of your journey, it is also important for you to slow down once in a while and process everything that you encountered while you were galloping full-speed through life. This will allow you to develop more wisdom that will inform your life decisions and keep you aligned with your life’s purpose.

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