#LOCALLOVEMTL: Goodbye Jane, photographer

Q&A with photographer Goodbye Jane aka Jenny Weitzman

What do you love most about Montreal?
I love the inherent charm and character of Montreal. When I’m away from it, I miss it because it has a magnetism that I have yet to find anywhere else. I think Montreal’s diversity definitely lends to that unique appeal because we are small but packed in with so many different cultures which is hard to really find elsewhere.

Fave spot to take photos/Instagram?
My apartment, because it’s filled with 100 plants and I always love plant filled photo’s because of the different textures, shapes and shades that plants contribute, but my real favourite spot in Montreal is my brother’s house in the plateau. In his house there is a secret note or a new photo or book to discover every time I go there; you turn a corner, look up, or move something in the bathroom and there is some interesting little anecdote. I’m so inspired by his enormous library of books. It’s always sunny in there, his cat is jumping around, a record is always playing, and there is always the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I'll pop by there randomly for a coffee, and then find my other brother already there grabbing one too! It was actually the location of the first photoshoot that I shot for Alice Kass called Mile-End Morning, and coincidentally, where the idea of Alice Kass Lingerie was conceptualized when the house was being built! Magical vibes!  

Montreal is known for its women, what do you think makes us so special?
The diversity and the inclusive nature of the community.

Any advice for Montreal boss babes looking to make it in photography here?
Don’t mold yourself to fit into a box where you don’t belong. Choose your medium or style, stick to it, and preserve your artistic integrity. That may sound limiting, but I think it’s important.

Thanks ladies!!! 

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