INSPIRATION: What's Underneath Designer lingerie by women for women

Essential viewing: What's Underneath Series by Style Like U

Recently spent a whole night watching these interviews of women from a variety of backgrounds express their vulnerability and strength in this video series where they strip down, literally and figuratively. So inspiring to see these exceptional women (and men) open up about their personal struggles, many of which a lot of us can identify with. SO MUCH REALNESS.

Be warned, these interviews will pull on your heartstrings. I cried during most of the videos, there's something so touching about seeing people just open up like that. And it was heartbreaking to actually see how many of us just feel like we aren't good enough because of our weight, skin colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, wealth etc. and no matter how intelligent we are it's hard to not prescribe to society's ideals.

It was also interesting to see it was not taking off their clothes that made them feel vulnerable but rather exposing their deepest emotions about troubling experiences and challenges they had to overcome in their lives. Showing us that everyone has a struggle, no matter how perfect their life may seem on social media.

This series is incredible on so many levels. Lessons in being and loving yourself