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We're all about lingerie that makes a woman feel confident. Sexy, yes, but also comfortable and cool, lingerie you can wear to take on all the challenges you're faced with in a day, lingerie that reflects your active lifestyle and impeccable sense of style. Lingerie that lets you feel like you. 

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And we're not the only ones. A multitude of lingerie brands and retailers are tired of this outdated vision of femininity that many commercial lingerie companies have been shoving down our throats forever. Not all of us aspire to look like Victoria's Secret models. Not all of us feel that we need padding or push-ups, we're pretty happy with what we got and we want lingerie that accentuates our natural shapes rather than try and change them. 

Although Alice Kass is a small two year old company, we pride ourselves on being part of this new lingerie movement offering style, comfort and a feeling of empowerment to the woman wearing it. It's about time that the focus shifted away from a male's point of view regarding a garment that is the closest thing to a woman's body.

"This vision marks a contrast with Victoria’s Secret, the bubble-gum pink retailer that, according to the research company IBISWorld, encompasses 62 percent of the $9 billion lingerie market in the United States. That means that a majority of women are buying their most intimate apparel next to life-size photos of supermodels, whose come-hither looks and propped-up underpinnings embody a male fantasy. Emerging lingerie brands are determined to change that association and bring the focus back to women."

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As you probably know if you've been following Alice Kass for awhile, one of our favourite brands Lonely Lingerie is a leader in the body positive movement, featuring real women with scars, unretouched photos and body hair in their campaigns. Read more about them and other lingerie designers that promote lingerie as a love letter to yourself in this inspiring article by the New York Times.

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