EVENTS: Astrology Workshop with Ines Heals

Our favourite astrologer and healer Ines will be hosting her next workshop at our Rockland pop up shop, and we couldn't be more excited! She is bringing her insightful and modern take on astrology and self-care to our shop next October 26th. 

Continuing our collaboration with Ines on self-care for the zodiac signs, this workshop will explore ideal self-care practices for every sign and will also serve as the launch for Ines Heals' first product line, a collection of flower essence blends tailored to healing and balancing the specific emotional natures of each zodiac sign. With winter on its way, this is a great time to discover what practices can ground you and keep you in your best self for the cold season ahead!

We will be serving reiki-infused tea and will open the workshop with a grounding, heart-centering meditation. Discussion will follow and will include an overview of every sign's nature and what health practices suit them best, including ideal herbal remedies, crystal selections, and of course flower essence therapy. Bring your questions as the workshop will be in the style of an open dialogue, allowing you plenty of room to gain clarity on your unique needs. Deepen your self-knowledge so you can learn all the reasons why you should love yourself more!

**Benefit from a 20% discount on the flower blends and a 10% discount on lingerie on the night of the workshop, exclusive to ticket-holders**

Limited space available, get your tickets here!


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