The first ever Alice Kass lingerie fashion show was held at Mayfair Cocktail Bar just in time for Valentine's Day. The lingerie show featured five confident babes and although they are not professional models, they all killed it on the runway!! The Stargirls walked the show to a live performance by Naadei and Elle. These two talented Montreal singers treated us to their unreleased new track 'Hollywood Hills' to then wow the crowd with a raw and beautiful rendition of The Weekend's Starboy. The show ended on a high note with the models strutting their stuff in our latest lingerie looks with 'Tomboy' by Princess Nokia blaring from the speakers. 

Such an amazing night bringing together talented boss babes and a beautiful, supportive crowd of friends, collaborators and media. Special thanks to Zoe Dascher and Mayfair for helping make the Alice Kass fashion show fantasy a reality.

The first but definitely not the last.

Check out the stunning pics below by Karel Chladek
Featuring Alice Clément, Isabelle Savoie, Julie Kee, Cindy Lieu and Paola Morin
With makeup and hair by Morgan Leigh 

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