Regardless of our faith or lack thereof, we're all familiar with Adam and Eve and the story of creation... but have you heard of Lilith, Adam's first wife? If you thought Eve was a badass for eating the forbidden fruit wait until you find out about Lilith. 

Often deemed a succubus (or female night demon), Lilith was the O.G. feminist rebel, claiming her pleasure and freedom and refusing to be dominated by her husband (or even God for that matter). She was created at the same time as Adam but they couldn't see eye to eye so she bounced from the Garden of Eden to go do her own thing. Of course she was demonized thereafter as many assertive, powerful, self-honouring women are, but we like to think of her as a total role model.

The floral and leaf details on the otherworldly Nikita bodysuit by Bluebella (pictured in the cover photo) instantly reminded me of the Garden of Eden and was the perfect starting off point for this visual story. Lilith Rising features our latest lingerie by Bluebella and Lonely lingerie and jewelry by The Bow and is an ode to all the powerful women that take pride in their pleasure and aren't afraid of being their authentic, multifaceted selves.

Shot on film by Nathan Cyprys and featuring Shilloh Brathwaite (Lang Models) with makeup by Cynthia Bouchard

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