INSPIRATION: Halloween from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
My favourite holiday is around the corner, and I gathered a list of some of the easiest and most
fun fashion girl Halloween costumes for you to get inspired by, starting with my top 3 picks: 

1. The wives in Mad Maxmad max the wives in fury road

This is my favourite costume this year by far because you get to just dress up in any old white
rags and get dirty. Make sure to get some of your friends to do it with you otherwise you might
just look like a dirty slutty ghost, which is also fun but maybe not what you were going for.

the mad max wives fury road the movie

2. Cruella DeVille
iggy azalea instagram cruella deville
This is a way easier costume than you would think. I'm not a fan of cheap wigs so last year what
I did was add in hair extensions on one side, the opposite hair colour of what I have (so dark
brown), and then flipped over a few pieces of my natural hair to hide the clips. It's definitely
classier and more of the Once Upon A Time Cruella rather than the cartoon Cruella.

cruella deville halloween costume

Extra points for rolling up in a Rolls Royce accompanied by a Dalmatian like Iggy Azalea did. 

rolls royce iggy azalea cruella deville

Still kind of into Wiz Khalifa's take on Cruella for the cover of his album even though I'm not
100% sure that was what he was going for...

wiz khalifa cruella deville

3. Eyes Wide Shut

eyes wide shut

Ok well obviously I couldn't overlook this one considering, well you know, Alice Kass lingerie.
Behati Prinsloo killed it with a slightly PG-13 version of this look by not going topless and
wearing a nude crop instead. Pick out your favourite gold mask from any costume shop with a
cloak or poncho and pair any fancy undies (there are plenty to choose from here) over nude tights.

behati prinsloo eyes wide shut

    Honorable Mentions:

    The Moon (Olsen Twin version)
    olsen twin moon costume

    Morticia (Kate Moss Version)
    morticia kate moss costume

    Margot Tenenbaum (Poppy Delevingne version)
    margot tenenbaum costume celebrity halloween

    Gypsy (Anja Rubik version)
    gypsy halloween model costume anja rubik

    Wayne's World (Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn version)
    wayne's world costume alexa chung agyness deyn celebrity halloween