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I can't contain how excited I am to share this interview. I met Laura way back when we were both living very, very different lives. I had always been enthralled by her; she's articulate, witty, mysterious, quietly powerful and hyper intelligent. She also kind of feels like a modern day, real life Zelda. I've been following her evolution via social media and over the past year she's been sharing super insightful info about spirituality like how to meditate with a glass of water, or sharing astrology readings as well as witty one-liners that hit home and make you think. I recently caught up with her by e-mail and asked her a few questions about her new path and work.

Tell us a bit about yourself! Your background, where you grew up, some of your favourite things, your current obsession. Anything you want to share.
I grew up in Thunder Bay Ontario. I am half Japanese and half German/European. My parents were followers of the Siddha Yoga (an Indian cult in the 70's) which was later made popular by Eat Pray Love. I moved to Montreal when I was about 13. 
My favourite thing is when people are nice, know themselves and tell the truth.
I am currently obsessed with making myself happy and being honest with people about how I am really feeling about each moment as it happens all of the time.
You describe yourself as a meditation teacher and lightworker. What is a lightworker and how did you get into this field of work?
Hehehe. Lightworker is a new age term for people who identify with the New Age movement. I use this term as it automatically connects me to people with similar interests; those especially labelled "indigo children". This is a term for people born in the 80s-90s who possess extrasensory abilities and are more sensitive and empathic than the world we live in now.
I feel sensitive people are the way of the future. They are inherently connected to their environment and this makes them act with kindness and grace. 
They care, deeply. 
I started teaching meditation this year after my mom suggested I take a course and get certified. I was coming off of several breakdowns which moved into spiritual breakthroughs and realized I needed to put my talents into "real life practice". I wanted to help people. My crib was on the same floor as the meditation room in our childhood home. I take this as a symbol of my calling.


We met about 10 years ago and I remember you had a super popular youtube channel! You also work a lot on social media currently. You don't seem to let technology get in the way of your spirituality. How do you think your relationship with technology impacts what you do?
I don't think there is a divide between technology and spirituality. We want to understand and connect to one another and smart phones are a perfect gateway to that. I find that most of us don't know how to communicate and give our attention and care towards any of the things that we do, whether it's driving a car, eating, OR texting. 
We don't know how to be connected and completely present and invested in the moment. We are afraid to feel things yet we we long for this depth. 
Smart phones are often used as a barrier to keep a moment superficial.
We are definitely in an uncomfortable growth period where our machines are controlling us rather than us controlling them, but we're smart - we invented these machines. 
I have faith they are here for us to learn use them intelligently.

Do you think our collective addiction to our phones makes it more difficult to stay in touch with ourselves?
Having a device with endless distractions on it within arms reach at all times doesn't help if you want to understand yourself. 
You know that feeling of panic when your phone dies or you're bored for a second?
That moment feels like death - but who we truly are is to be found there.
It can be hard - but if you can refrain and stop yourself when the impulse to check your phone arises and ask:
"How do I feel"
"What is contributing to me feeling this way"
"How can I make myself feel better"
Avoiding facing this feeling haunts everyone, so, we pick our phone when the person in front of us is being weird, and carry our chargers with us at all times. We even ask strangers at stores to do us favours and use their outlet in order to make sure we never ever have to face that moment.
But it's not so bad. 
Letting your phone die and putting it away can help bring some light and resolution to that inner turmoil - if we don't distract ourselves with another thing instead. 
Do you have any tips on how to remain in tune?
Constantly and rhythmically breathe while you use your phone. Using an iPhone is intense, let's just be real. If you are dealing with something stressful, a difficult email - upgrade to breathing through the nose and out through the mouth. It paces the intensity, releases the hurricane of thoughts and feelings you are exposed to, and makes a world of difference in your own productivity + clarity. 

I think women today seem to get lost in expectations of what they should look like and how they should act. A lot of us have also lost our ability to listen to our intuition. What should we be doing in order to hear our inner voices again?
The struggle. It helps to blackout the media as much as possible, as it is a huge negative source of programming that preys on insecurities of both women and men. 
I find intuition is an emotional flow where we feel comfortable listening to the "self" and expressing the feelings that come from it.
All feelings are valid and exist in every human, but we are often told some feelings are good and some are bad and this makes us afraid of that voice. We aren't sure which. We censor it.
There is a global imbalance in the feminine right now, we live in a time of emotional ignorance and natural destruction - and this is a symbol of violence and taking for granted that feminine guidance.
For a really long time I would ignore my intuition and then wonder
"Am I being crazy?"
"Am I making this up?"
Later I realized that oppression bullied me into not listening to that intuitive voice, yet it is the strongest guide I have. 
The status quo doesn't want us to be empowered. It wants to keep us weak because the fake strength demonstrated in power today could be easily toppled.
Recognizing the pain of ignoring that intuition for so long is the first step, grieving for the pain that was caused when we ignored it is the second, and rising as a Phoenix from the ashes using the intuition as your most powerful ally is the third. 
I really feel that we are moving into a time of the divine feminine, and this is the Earth's only saving grace. 
The masculine had its time but now we're bored and everyone's feelings are super hurt so now it's time for something new.
Long live Oprah. 

You're also very into astrology. Can you tell us a little about what's coming up for Fall?
If you're born between 86-88 expect intense upheavals in your personal value system starting this September. 
Google "Saturn in Sagittarius" for more info.
It seems the summer has been a backtracking through old romantic history for many. Relationships crumbling, our values around them being reassessed, trying to figure out what we want next. The next couple months will be using that knowledge for the exploration of new ideas that will help us learn new ways to heal and balance and integrate new systems with old.
We are moving into very interesting times for the worlds of science vs spirituality, masculine and feminine.
I am hoping that with all the concentration on duality will eventually merge to the ideal "oneness".

What's the best advice someone has given you?
Don't give your power away. 

What is your star sign?
I am a Libra with a heavy Cancer influence. This means my feelings are heavily influenced by the moon and I am vain.

What scares you most?
Running into ex boyfriends. 

Any fashion icons?
Karl Lagerfeld and Shamans in Peru

What is your spirit animal?
A wolf or a dolphin 

What is the most inspiring book you ever read?
I am reading "Women Who Run with Wolves" right now and it is sooo good. It's all about the myths and stories of the female archetype and how these stories affect us culturally as symbols embedded into the subconscious.   

Favourite hang out in Montreal?
Westmount library. Or somewhere within sight of the people who dress medieval and sword fight on the Tam Tams on Sundays. They are true Quebec heroes.

Describe yourself in three words
☼,☽, ☂

If you're hungry for more, her blog is a must-follow and you can also get personal readings via her online store 

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