#GIRLSOFMONTREAL: Sailor Jassie from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We had the chance to work with Jacinthe aka Sailor Jassie on several occasions when she did makeup on the beautiful Karina. She is not only an awesome makeup artist from Montreal with 6 years of experience but Jacinthe is also a published alternative model. You can see her work and her pics on her Instagram account (@sailorjassie). In our Q&A, we ask her for her expert advice on everything from skin care to creating the perfect cat eye.


Which came first, modelling or makeup?: Modeling came first when I was barely 18 years old. I later got into makeup artistry to be more involved in my photoshoots and I’ve always been an artist. I love to work behind and in front of the camera.

When you’re not working you are...?: I’m either planning a shoot or looking for inspirations. Or of course partying it up !

Current obsession: Fashion wise, I am obsessed with the combination of chic and casual. Sneakers with a dress/ blazer, glitter eye shadow with a care free hairstyle. Also obsessed with my black pencil skirt because I got bored of jeans and it gives a nicer figure.

Favourite city: My fave city is London because of their sense of style and just the overall vibe. I’m also in love with Los Angeles of course for the beautiful weather, artists and because my best friend lives there.

Favourite hood in Montreal?: I haven’t got to know all hoods but I fell in love with Saint Henri.

Something most people don’t know about you: if someone has never met me, they wouldn’t know that I am very goofy and giggly. I also collect vintage home décor.

What do you keep by your bedside table: My phone, glass of water, coconut oil, lip balms like 4-5, and a bunch of hair elastics too.

Something you are most proud of: As far as accomplishments, I am proud of my cover for Tattoo Magazine and all other publications.

What inspires you: traveling, meeting new creative people, fashion.

Describe yourself in three words: outgoing, positive, organized

Briefs or thongs? Thongs for sure, and lace always.

Pro tip you learnt on the job that you’d like to share with other girls: You gotta wear sun screen all the time and even in the winter. Get one for your face only and apply it before your moisturizer. Also, coconut oil does WONDERS especially if you have dehydrated skin or damaged hair. You can even cook with it!

Your favourite piece on the Alice Kass website right now: Sabel Cut Out Bra and Love You Knot Bondage Bralette

What do you think the biggest hair and makeup trends are for SS15?
Hair: Rough cut shaggy bob, middle part, high messy buns, slick wet look up-do, low pony tails, large waves with heavy roots, carefree waves & peek-a-boo braids.

Makeup: Matte skin, mascaraed lashes, stained matte red wine/ berry lips, bold and brushed up brow, feline eye liner, metallic shadows, wet look (lids & cheekbones), a smudge of berry shadow under the eyes (not ideal for everyone though), and of course glitter mixed with a carefree styling (we love the juxtaposition)

What's your favourite makeup look of the moment? I’ll always been obsessed with the wet look (especially with a colored shadow) but currently I’m all about a strong brow, mascara, gold or burgundy eye shadow and a strong lip color, either red or wine. (Like the look she did below on Karina)

What's something you think girls should avoid when doing their own makeup? There is a lot of help out there so don’t be shy to consult a professional to perfect your look. You may be doing something wrong but you don’t necessarily know. Go EASY with contouring or just leave it for the pros and simply use bronzer to define your cheeks. And also easy on the brows, try going from lighter to darker (inwards – to outer)

When Sandrine from the Alice Kass team saw your eye makeup she had some serious cat eye envy! Any tips on creating the perfect cat eye?

I have tried many products but my fave is the Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner in black, paired with an angle brush. I do my cat eyeliner in 2 parts; I start by making the line on the lid and once they are even on both sides, I go on to do the wing. Your liner should look nice with eyes open and eyes closed. You can always go back and correct it with qtips and makeup remover. Trust me, it’s not always easy but practice makes perfect.

Thanks so much Jacinthe!!

Follow her Instagram @sailorjassie

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