Meet another inspiring Montrealer we picked for our #GirlsOfMontreal feature: Bianca DesJardins, a local photographer. We love her photographs for their ethereal and intimate qualities and we're obsessed with her dreamy Insta account. An inspiring talent (as well as mega babe), we chatted with her about her own inspirations.

AK: What is your greatest passion?
BD: Light and arts. Discovering the world. Discovering life. Making the most and the best of it. ''Make your life extraordinary'', a quote I discovered on a piece of paper at Salvation Mountain in California.

AK: What is your favourite city?
BD: It will sound cliché, but Montréal. There is nowhere like here. Maybe because it's home.

AK: What life motto do you follow each day? 
BD: Always aim for the moon, even if you miss it, you'll land among the stars. - O.W.

AK: Who's your fashion icon that you base your personal style on? 
BD: Jane Birkin & Stevie Nicks. 

AK: What's the best advice someone has given you or one that you've given someone else? 
BD: Enjoy the present moment. 

AK: Who are your favourite photographers?
BD: Vivienne Mok, Kesler Tran & Aaron Feaver

AK: What do you do (or say) to motivate yourself in moments of doubt?
BD: Demain existe. (Tomorrow exists)

AK: What is your favourite editorial on Alice Kass and why?
BD: Moon Child by Karel Chladek, because I just love the vibe. It's messy, soft and pure. 

Thanks so much Bianca!! Check out more of her awesome work here:

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