MIDNIGHT MUSE: Kimberly Lallouz, restaurateur Designer lingerie by women for women

On Thursday February 12th Alice Kass and Deux Lions are super excited to be hosting an event in collaboration with Miss Pret A Manger at sister restaurant Monsieur Resto + Bar. The chef and owner of both restaurants is Kimberly Lallouz, a young, energetic and SUPER inspiring entrepreneur with a background in fashion and no culinary degree. We asked her some of our classic quiz questions and found out what it takes to make it in the biz!

Photo by Patricia Brochu

When you’re not working you are…?

Working!! haha jokes. Well my brain is often stuck at work when I'm off but I do my best! Travelling, reading, gymtime/boxing when I'm in montreal, as much outdoor activity/sports while travelling and to balance it off, serial chilling. 

Current obsession:
Zoé Dascher - she's my current obsession

Favourite city:
NYC, Tel-Aviv, Sydney and Montreal. At the moment ;) 

Bibimbap or sashimi bowl?
LOL both!

Favourite restaurant in Montreal (other than your own :) )?
So many... different restaurants for different reasons, fave of the week: Jatoba and can't wait for Itchigo Itche to open :)  Classic brunch choice: Lemeac, favourite last minute wine and nibbles; Dolcetto at the bar to visit Lorenza of course. 

Something most people don’t know about you:
I desperately want a puppy. 

What do you keep by your bedside table:
Bottle of water, book of the moment, last night's leftover sleepytime tea. 

Something you are most proud of:
Never giving up when things are hard, and taking care of my family as best as I can. Always. 

What inspires you?
Nature, travelling, people, colours, the beach.

Briefs or thongs?
On me? A lady never tells!

Describe yourself in three words:
Passionate, funny, sensitive. 

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurial women?
Do what you love and do it with focus, intent and caring. Pay attention to details, and always treat males as equals, it's not their fault we're better at everything ;)

Was it tough as a woman in an industry mostly dominated by males?
Yes. Still is but I don't focus or dwell on those situations, if anything I meet them as challenges. Kill people with kindness and price myself. 

Your favourite meal of all time?
My grandmother's friday night family dinner, g'd rest her soul!

Your favourite dish/recipe to make for guests at home?
They call me the hors d'oeuvre queen lol I love making platters of all kinds of things to nibble on. I love to feed others, make old recipes my mother or grandmother shared, or try new fun recipes that may have inspired me from abroad or a good food mag. But when I'm alone I tend to keep it simple!

Your favourite piece on the Alice Kass website right now:
I really love all the pieces, just the right amount of naughty and nice, if I have to pick - Idalia playsuit and long line bondage bra is something I would wear on a regular! 


Thanks Kim! Can't wait to try all your delicious appetizers on Thursday night!!

And here's a sneak peek at the menu for the evening: