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MIDNIGHT MUSE: Karina, adventure seeker

Introducing Karina, one of the latest Alice Kass models and world traveller extraordinaire. This Montreal born beauty is the definition of wanderlust. She shares photos of her travel adventures as well as her outfits on her awesome blog, Odaliskk. We got the lowdown on all of her favourite things and asked her to share some of her essential travel tips.

Photos by Ben Meir Ohayon

When you’re not working, what are you up to?
Either cooking with friends, netflixing or planning 3 trips at the same time.

Current obsession:
Fresh Lip balm and travelling.

Favourite city:
I guess it will always be Montreal because I just can’t seem to go live somewhere else. I’m always so happy to be back here after a trip.

Favourite hood in Montreal:
Saint-Laurent Street.

Something most people don’t know about you:
I absolutely hate getting cute, I live in pajamas. I also have an exceptional memory for random details.

What do you keep by your bedside table?
A book, a humidifier and a lamp.

Something you are most proud of:
My passport.

What inspires you?
Successful people. When I see people achieving goals here and there, it really drives me to do something awesome with my life.

Describe yourself in three words:
Romantic. Spontaneous. Instinctive.

Briefs or thongs?
Def briefs.

Your favourite piece on the Alice Kass website right now:
The Sabel Cut-Out Bra by Lonely.

Best way to kill time at the airport?
Eat and go into every store there is, followed by looking for wifi until it's too late... I hate fake wifis. They make me mad.

Any packing tricks?
It sounds stupid but it’s the best way to do it: comfortable and easy to match clothing. I bring grey, black and white clothes and match it with shoes that can be worn either during the day or night. I don’t want to waste time trying to make a nice outfit in which I’ll walk in all day. Just keep your wardrobe simple and efficient.

Biggest culture shock you've experienced to date?
Hmmm. Probably in Hanoi, Vietnam. That city was so weird. I had been travelling in South East Asia for two weeks already so I was used to the whole Asian vibe, but Hanoi, I thought was at a whole other level. The city is so crammed and busy and there was an area in the old city where every street sold something different. One street was for statues, the next street was for shoes, the one after that was for carpets or metal tubes, seeds or even fruits…So strange. Also, there were no stop signs or lights and massive amount of traffic so if you have to cross the street, you just keep a steady pace and go for it. Don’t look around, just cross. And everything is done outside, from fixing your motorbike to haircuts to eating. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if it was a restaurant or just a family eating at their front door.

Where do you dream of visiting?
I think I am one of those people who wants to go somewhere new every day. There is so much out there that I kind of want to do it all. But lately I have been craving to see Peru, Morocco and Iceland. And Israel. And Croatia. Oh, and Turkey. Ok I’m done.

Best travel memory?
Falling in love in Barcelona, sleeper train in Thailand, eating tarantulas in Cambodia, NYC with my best friends, camping in Italy, Absinth in Brussels. I can’t choose one.

Most valuable lesson you have learnt while travelling?
Talk to everyone and don’t be scared to try things. Don’t complain. Have an open mind. Oh and live the way they live where you are going, it’ll be way more fun.

What do you never travel without?
My iPhone and comfy shoes. Always a must.

Window or aisle seat?
I used to always get the aisle seat, but I recently switched to the window seat where I do the fetal position and don’t move until the plane lands.


Thanks for the tips Karina, happy travels!


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