MIDNIGHT MUSE: Sophie, Makeup Artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

For our second installment of the Midnight Muse feature, meet Sophie Parrot, another amazing and talented woman I had the chance to work with behind-the-scenes on Alice Kass. Some of the first things you notice about Sophie are her piercing blue eyes, tiny stature, big presence and awesome sense of style. She has a sweet demeanor with a no bull-shit attitude, a combination that makes it hard to resist her charm. She did the makeup and hair for the Wrong Side of the Tracks shoot- definitely where my obsession with grey lipstick and braided strands came from.

Read our quiz with Sophie to get to know this firecracker a little better and check out her work on her personal Instagram and Facebook artist page

Current Obsession?
Limecrime WICKED velvetines lipstick and Alice Kass lingerie 
Favourite City?
Something most people do not know about you
I would be happy to wear an oversized t shirt, no makeup and my hair in a bun for the rest of my life.
What do you keep by your bedside table?
Candles and moisturizer

Something you are most proud of
Being resilient 
What inspires you?
People who dare to be different. Traveling.
Describe yourself in three words
Secretive, strong and sensitive 
Briefs or thongs?
Best way to kill time at the airport
Read a magazine
Pro tip you learnt on the job that you would like to share with other girls
Always believe in yourself, learn to say no and try to see the positive in every situation.
Your favourite piece on the Alice Kass website right now?

 Photos by Kelly Jacob (Instagram)