MIDNIGHT MUSE: Arielle, Model from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Midnight Muse, a new feature showcasing strong independent women. We love cool chicks doing cool things; authentic girls who follow their dreams, with a strong sense of self and style. 

Arielle, also known as Billie, stars in Nico Stinghe's editorial for Alice Kass (keep an eye out for the full editorial next week!) It took a while to finally get this shoot done as we encountered quite a few obstacles. We had planned a rooftop editorial styled with vintage furs, only problem is we found out too late that Arielle had just signed with PETA. We ended up rescheduling with a new concept and getting the time wrong, so I had the chance to get to know this exotic looking beauty from Gatineau while we waited on location. 

She told me about her two year stint in LA, her love for Montreal and her surprising favourite pastime.

Current obsession

For the past two years it's been animal rights. I'm vegan and I've been trying to find ways to help animals.

Favourite city

Montreal honestly. This city has a heart and a soul. It has everything, I really love the contrast of old and new, in the architecture, in the culture. And people are just warm here, something you don't necessarily find in other big cities.

Something most people don't know about you

I'm a gamer! I love RPG's, stuff like Skyrim (Elder Scrolls Series), I dream of being an elf.

What you are most proud of

To be able to live from my art, to be a model full time, it's really amazing. Especially considering that I'm not your typical model. I'm only 5'8 and I have an ass and thighs but I've embraced it and I've been successful even if I don't fit the mold. 

Something you've learnt on the job that you'd like to share with other girls

Accept yourself and be happy with it, it's the key to success!

Favourite piece on Alice Kass

The Lonely Sabel bra and the L'Agent by AP bodysuit

View Arielle's portfolio here