ALICE KASS ON: How To Measure Your Bra Size Designer lingerie by women for women

Because we've all been there. Shopping online for bras can be confusing so we've been talking to experts and doing tons of research to figure out the definitive way to measure your bra size. First off, you'll need a measuring tape (inches!). Get the tape measure as flat as possible against your skin and avoid stretching it too much. Jot down the following measurements rounding up to the nearest half-inch:

1. Overbust (O) = Measure the smallest circumference right under your armpits. Place the tape measure across the top front of your chest (below your shoulders), under your arms and all the way around your back.

2. Fullest Bust (F) = Measure your breasts at their fullest area (usually at the nipple) with the tape straight across in front and around your back at the same height. The tape shouldn't be touching your body between the fullest points of your breasts.

Your band size is your overbust (O) measurement rounded to the nearest whole even number.

If the measurement is odd, i.e. 33 or 33.5, round up; if it is even, i.e. 32.5 or 34, round down a half-inch measurement or take the even whole number as your band size.


For your cup size, calculate your fullest bust measurement minus your over bust measurement:

C = F - O

Your cup size is whatever range C fits in, according to this chart:

0 – 0.5 : AA
1 – 1.5 : A
2 – 2.5 : B
3 – 3.5 : C
4 – 4.5 : D

This should help you select the right bra for you. If you're still unsure about which size to select for a specific brand feel free to contact us at and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect fit!