Ep 05: Conscious, Sober and Sensual Living with Meg & Sabrina

For our last episode of the decade, we reflected on what conscious living means to us. With the holidays coming to an end and sober January being a big trend, we share this episode as inspiration for those of us looking to reflect on our relationship to anything outside ourselves. Sabrina shares about her self-love journey and her decision to cut out alcohol over a year and a half ago and Meg shares about how breath and connecting to the present moment through her senses is her way to live more consciously. Tune in to hear about what to expect when you cut out one of our culture’s favourite past times, the gifts that came from developing more intimacy with yourself and how important connecting to the present moment is on a healing journey. 

I share about the loneliness that often comes from making a drastic decision to honour my truth and face my shadows head on. Of late I’ve asked the universe for more gentle lessons but sometimes you just have to rip the bandaid off to get started on the path home to yourself. I’ve learnt that the practice of conscious living is just that, a practice. You have to consistently catch yourself, observe yourself, be aware of the decisions you are making and why. Often times subconscious patterns and beliefs are running the show and we can only start to shift through awareness first and then conscious and consistent decisions to move both our thoughts and actions in a new direction. It’s not so much the destination that has taught me but really the gifts that have been discovered throughout the journey. I really opened up a whole space inside myself when I quit drinking, a beautiful universe within me that was just waiting to be discovered, a world I didn’t even know existed. The gifts of sobriety have been abundant and life altering. Namely I actually have a deep and loving relationship to myself, I’m infinitely more confident because I’m able to do all the things I thought I need alcohol to do, sober (ie going on dates, socializing, etc.), I attract more aligned people that love and support me, I have deeper more meaningful connections with others, I experience shame and guilt far less often than I did before, my memory has improved significantly, I’ve lost weight in both my belly and my face and I just generally have way more success in ALL aspects of my life. Even though it was hard at first because my whole lifestyle had to shift, it is the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. 

Questions you can journal about:

-Do you often change yourself or hide your truth to please or protect the people around you?

-Do you often look outside yourself for validation or for your sense of worth or security?

-What kind of safe container do you need for transformation to happen? What type of environment do you want to live in? The types of people you want to be surrounded by? The types of activities do you want to do? Are you living that way right now?

-What is a consistent practice you can incorporate into your daily routine that can start shifting one of your limiting beliefs about yourself and what you require to feel good in your body?

-Is there something you can turn to other than alcohol or escapism that can help you connect to yourself more deeply? Dance? Painting? Journaling? 

Finally, the goddess card for the episode was Oonagh (easy does it), all about trusting the process. The key for growth is to slow down so we can have the opportunity to hear. Our body is constantly speaking to us and all we have to do is take a breath and listen. Awareness creates space inside you to develop more intimacy and to create that safe container so you can transform and grow. 

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We’ll do a live Q&A so we can keep the conversation going. We heal and inspire by sharing our stories, maybe this is just what you need to get the ball rolling on your self-love journey!!!