Ep 02: Interview with Sonja Sloane, pole dancer with a PhD

For episode 2, we interview brilliant pole dancer Sonja Sloane who has a PhD in art history and feminist theory. Her pursuit of academia and pole gets us talking about the dualities and stigmas that all women face when it comes to the different facets of the feminine and how we can often feel constrained by social norms and expectations. At Bed Talks we say, refuse to choose!

From punishing herself and driving her body into the ground through fitness to how she found herself through her dance practice is just one of the self-love transformations we get into.  You will feel her strength and power through her words which we’re certain will lift you up. “Don’t diminish yourself. When you make yourself smaller than you are, you are repeating and reproducing that very construct that is oppressing us.” 

Questions to ask yourself while listening:

Are you holding back from expressing your sensuality?

Do you feel shame around your body and your sexuality? Have you internalized the fear an

How do you feel when you dance? Alone vs around others?

Do you let fear of judgment get in the way of your sensual self-expression?

Are you hard on yourself? Can you use movement

Does seeing other women express their sexuality make you uncomfortable? If so why?

Do you shame yourself for wanting to be seen, for wanting attention, or wanting to celebrate and express your femininity and sensuality?

What inspired you from this conversation and is there any practice you can incorporate it into your self-love routine?

Sonja Sloane’s way of life? Checking in with herself on a regular basis, and practicing the type of person she wants to become. How does she make it sound so easy! A deep and inspiring interview that will get you thinking about your own beliefs around sexuality and self-expression. Enjoy!

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