EP 01: Tapping Into Your Feminine Power


In this episode get to know Bed Talks hosts Meg and Sabrina (me!) through the topic of femininity. We dive into my unconventional business journey and how it involved embracing a femininity I had rejected. We explore the topic of seduction and how it starts with love and acceptance of self, of course :)

We also dive into Meg’s story around heartbreak and her journey from external validation to finding worth inside herself and how through stillness she found her freedom.

While listening to this episode, we encourage you to define womxnhood and femininity on your own terms. To empower yourself by putting your sexuality in your own hands first, independent from the validation of any partner. 

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One of my favourite tools I used to heal the wounds around my femininity and low self-worth was journaling. There is something incredibly powerful, soothing and liberating about the self-reflection and self-knowing that comes from writing it all down. Here are some journal prompts to get you started but feel free to free write as much as you need to.

Journal Prompts


  • What was your model of the feminine growing up?
  • Can you think of times where you were driven by external validation vs internal?
  • How did you relate to your femininity and sexuality in your 20s?
  • The next time you scroll through your Instagram or social media page, think about how the images are making you feel – is there anything there that you can unfollow or mute to create a more positive environment for yourself?
  • Can you surround yourself with content and people that provide a powerful, positive example of feminine power (can be your social media feed, the music and podcasts you listen to, the tv you watch, the people you surround yourself with, the events you go to)
  • Do you explore your sexuality on your own? Or is it only in relation to a partner? 
  • How important is it for you to feel free within the confines of a relationship? Have you ever felt trapped? Does your partner hold the space you deserve? 
  • When you look in the mirror, can you take pride in your body? 
  • Is your idea and experience of womanhood and sexuality in relation to a man? Or independent of? 
  • Do you hold onto any past decisions you’ve made with shame? How open are you to forgiving yourself? 
  • Are you holding yourself up to unrealistic standards? How can you reframe and let go of perfectionism?
  • What does powerful femininity mean to you? How can you connect to your feminine power more frequently?

    Goddess Card of the Month

  • sekhmet goddess of rage
    Image by Christabel Jessica

    Finally, Goddess/Oracle cards have been another incredible tool I've used on my journey of empowerment and self-love. Getting to know the different goddess archetypes has been inspiring and has helped me connect to my intuition. We have access to the divine within all of us and goddess cards are a fun, easy way to help us hear our inner wisdom.

    This episode, Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of feminine rage was shown to us. How appropriate!!! Sekhmet represents the feminine rage that needs to be expressed. When we keep our feelings in, whether anger or sadness or anything else, they stay stuck in us, block our energy from flowing and can create anxiety, depression and even illness. 

    "Sekhmet represents the sacred rage that keeps us protected and reminds the world of the pure strength of female power. Positive aggression, acting with love on behalf of what breaks our heart or enrages us, is what allows us to become agents of change to better our lives and the world around us" -
    Megan Watterson

    A rage we all voiced when the Alice Kass Instagram got taken down. I am SO proud of us. If you missed that debacle, learn more about it here.

    Photo by Chloe Raymond

    Enjoy this first episode, we get real and vulnerable with you and if you’re here with us at Bed Talks it’s because you know that growth and personal power comes from owning your story. Thanks for joining us! Be sure to rate, subscribe and follow on iTunes to help spread the valuable message of self-love and female empowerment <3